MARCH ON includes:

4mm Citrine Jade-Style Glass Beads, approx. 105 beads, 16 inch string.

6mm Black Glass Pearl Beads, approx. 78 beads, 16 inch string.

8mm Olive Crackle Glass Beads, approx. 55 beads, 16 inch string.

8mm Green Team and School Glass Beads, approx. 52 beads, 16 inch string.

10mm Olive Glass Pearl Beads, approx. 22 beads, 8 inch string.

12mm Olive Pearlised Glass Beads, approx. 19 beads, 8 inch string.

12mm Khaki Marble-Style Glass Beads, approx. 18 beads, 8 inch string.

10 – 20mm Dyed Black Turquoise Nuggets, approx. 26 beads, 12 inch string.

6mm Antique Silver Metallic Glass Seed Beads, 1 oz. bag.

36mm Antique Silver Intricate Metal Pendant.


Bead sizes may vary due to availability.

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in